The Alumni Society is integral to the mentorship programme and track students’ career progress.


It is important to maintain contact with our students and the Reunert College Alumni Society was formed in 2008. The Alumni Society is integral to the mentorship programme and track students’ career progress.

Lwando Khalipha, Class of 2011

2008 in Grade 10, I was a broken student with no vision, aspiration and motivation to become anything. That lead me to perform badly in my studies and in Matric my attitude changed. I started to have a desire to go beyond high school and pursue tertiary education and with no knowledge and resources to get me there, I needed something that would bridge the gap for me.

In 2011, I was admitted at Reunert College and when Cathy Lubbe explained to me what Reunert College was about I immediately realised my chance to change my circumstances. The College programme runs for a year and I promise you that within that year you will learn skills that will help you for the rest of your life.

Knowing what I know now, if in 2011, I was given an alternative to choose between going to the College and going to university, with no doubt I would choose to go to the College for only one reason, Reunert College teaches you positive attitude, hard work and determination. These values were able to carry me through university and I ended up completing my BCom Accounting degree and my BCom Honours in tax at the University of Johannesburg in record time. Throughout the four years it took to complete my degrees, I received enormous emotional and financial support from the College.

Now I am at the Reunert Limited Head Office as a first year accountant and that has opened even more doors for me to grow. The success of the College is a combined effort of really caring and amazing individuals and an organisation that invests in education in our country.

Nomvula Letsoko, Class of 2007

My name is Nomvula Letsoko, the Reunert College 2007 Dux Student. Through the College I managed to receive a bursary to study BCom Accounting at the University of Johannesburg.

I managed to complete my degree and to also further complete Honours in BCom Accounting (Specialisation in Tax). This was highly due to the excellent educators I had at Reunert College, who instilled in me effective studying principles and that hard work can never be substituted.

The most valuable lesson I learnt at Reunert College was that the effort I put into all that I do will equal the result I will get out. I am currently working as an Internal Auditor at Reunert Limited.


Some comments from previous Reunert College students:

“They prepare us well for tertiary education, they taught us to be independent on our studies. We were not spoon-fed, instead we were pushed into realising our true potential."

“It turned my life around. I’m sure the things I know now I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone to the College. I also loved the opportunities they give to learners, they show you a window to the world at “large” and you decide if you’re willing to go the extra mile... there isn’t any other College like it.”

“I’d probably still be looking for a job or working at the supermarket next door my house if it was not for the College.”

“They give you the spirit to never give up and the courage to tackle anything presented to you. Break it down into small components that are easy to manage and solve.”

“Reunert helped me to structure my studies. I knew how to prioritise and planned to study on time for exams and tests. I also learnt that nothing in life comes easy you have to work hard to get what you want if you get given the opportunity you must not waste it as there were so many students who could not get the opportunity.”