The Alumni Society is integral to the mentorship programme and track students’ career progress.


It is important to maintain contact with our students and the Reunert College Alumni Society was formed in 2008. The Alumni Society is integral to the mentorship programme and track students’ career progress.

Lucky Kubayi, Class of 2017

“Back in high school, I had always overlooked the fact that attitude plays a big role in becoming your greater self. I was content with getting average marks until I got to Matric. By then it was a little too late if I wanted to pursue a career in accounting. I heard from a former student, Sydwell Ndlovu, that Reunert College could be exactly what I needed. I applied and was accepted. During my time there I was blown away by how they handled everything – from their system of teaching to raising self-contented individuals. There I received the redirection I needed to reconsider my overall outlook on life and the decisions I had to make as an individual. Within the one year period in which I was there, I drew valuable lessons which have motivated the lifestyle I lead. I was able to go back to the drawing board and develop a self-concept that aligned with my values, interests, and for what I stand for. From personal experience I can confidently say that Reunert College builds confident, integrable, teachable, disciplined, goal-based and content personalities.

Coming from a GDE curriculum and having to adapt to the ways of the IEB, was certainly a challenge for me. Fortunately the teachers at the College made it possible for me to adapt accordingly and to remain competent. Good academic performance was vital at the College and one had to constantly produce solid results to reserve your place there. The motivating part of getting good marks, was that you got to raise your allowance every term for achieving 75% and above in your subjects. At the end of my year there, I received the award for the top performing student in Accounting and a High Fiver Award. I was part of the top ten performiing students at the College and was awarded with a full Reunert Limited study bursary to further my studies at the North West University in BCom Accounting.

Being a first year student, in a new place and away from home gave me cold feet as I had no idea what was in store for me. Fortunately I was able to adjust, remain disciplined and focused on the main reason why I was there. I can honestly say that had I not gone to Reunert College before university, I do not know how things would have turned out for me. I still took part in activities that came with the freedom and fun of being a university student, but I did so responsibly. In the year 2020 (despite Covid-19, switching to online learning and being ill for four months) I qualified as a financial accountant and received my Bcom degree. This year, I was appointed as a trainee accountant at Vaal, Cronje & Cronje Accountants and Registered Auditors.Inc. It has been a pleasure joining a wonderful team of leading accounting experts. It is my desire to learn and develop as much as I can in the field of accounting while I am there.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in a fast evolving world, it is either you do it now while scared, confused and uncertain, or live to regret not doing it. I urge the 2021 group of Reunert College students not find themselves on the side of regret!

Qinisile Motha, Class of 2019

I am currently a second year, Bachelor of Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg. As a former Reunert College student, enrolled at the college in 2019, I was blessed to have learnt so many life lessons, before the 2020 season of change. The year I spent at the college allowed me a chance to transition and forced me to grow emotionally, intellectually, and mentally into an adult that would be able to function and assist in bettering the community. The college equipped me with many lessons that I have put into use during these trying times , where everything is not as it used to be. One of the best lessons taught to me was the importance of setting goals and that I should always aim for the moon ….should I fall, I would land on the stars.

2020 was a year of many changes and one could have easily lost their track, their drive and ambition. Setting a goal, having them written down and close in reach, really did help me stay on track and keep my focus on reaching the goals. Working towards reaching the goals with the stresses of the pandemic was really a stretch, but I kept my eyes on the moon and indeed I did not land too far from it. Staying goal orientated and driven ensured that I was constantly working towards reaching my moon.

As we are in the final half of 2021, I am reminded that it has been close to 2 years since I was enrolled at the college, but the lessons taught are still very relevant. I would love to encourage the current students and students to come to take the lessons taught seriously as they really do build ones character and help one grow, and to also have fun whilst at it.

Banele Ngema, Class of 2020

A letter to the class of 2021: Last year, I was where you are now. I remember clearly having just written my Prelims and preparing for Finals. When I started at the College, I felt as if I was just repeating Grade 12. I had not yet realised that it was an opportunity to build my future. My year there, provided me with life lessons, good advice and wisdom that I still use daily. It’s not only about academics. The College teaches you to be a positive thinker and a hard and dedicated worker. I learnt a lot about myself and developed both personally and academically. I developed self-confidence, self-discipline and became self-sufficient. I am sure you have as well.

They say “sit with warriors because the conversation is different with them”. At Reunert College, I sat with warriors, who taught me to be a fighter and to be a warrior of my own.

I upgraded my Mathematics results from 46% to 63%, and also got good results for Physical Science. I feel so proud of myself. I was able to reach the university requirements for the course I wanted to study. I am currently studying at the North West University, doing Biological Sciences, with Microbiology and Biochemistry in a Bachelor of Sciences.

Enjoy your time at the College. It will at times be difficult to stay positive and it will be hard. But difficult and hard does not mean impossible. It is there only to test your determination, strength and passion. Stay motivated! Remember that the most important person is the one behind the wheel – you are the driver of your life. You are the chief and master of your own life, so live it to the fullest.

Some comments from previous Reunert College students:

“They prepare us well for tertiary education, they taught us to be independent on our studies. We were not spoon-fed, instead we were pushed into realising our true potential."

“It turned my life around. I’m sure the things I know now I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone to the College. I also loved the opportunities they give to learners, they show you a window to the world at “large” and you decide if you’re willing to go the extra mile... there isn’t any other College like it.”

“I’d probably still be looking for a job or working at the supermarket next door my house if it was not for the College.”

“They give you the spirit to never give up and the courage to tackle anything presented to you. Break it down into small components that are easy to manage and solve.”

“Reunert helped me to structure my studies. I knew how to prioritise and planned to study on time for exams and tests. I also learnt that nothing in life comes easy you have to work hard to get what you want if you get given the opportunity you must not waste it as there were so many students who could not get the opportunity.”