RLI offers an academic advancement course with specialised tuition to students from previously disadvantaged communities to improve their Grade 12 results in Mathematics and Physical Science/Accounting.

The Reunert Learning Institute

Established in 1993, the RLI offers a bridging programme for students from previously disadvantaged communities, with the primary focus on developing talent in the fields of science, mathematics and accounting.

We provide a solution-based system through which Grade 12 learners can upgrade their mathematics and physical science or accounting marks. They also receive additional life, English language and computer skills. The life skills programme and ongoing mentoring of the students are important interventions to shape attitude and values for entering the business world. Classes in basic computer skills takes place to equip learners in a world of technology.

Apart from the academic support provided, learners are also supported to develop as individuals.  All the resources required by the learners to succeed during their year is provided.

We are dedicated to the enhancement of education within the community.  For this reason a Principals Forum was established, during which training and developmental sessions are held on different educational issues for the Principals of the schools. Altogether 21 township schools take part in this initiative.